Santorini is a beautiful place to visit in Greece. Santorini has good weather during most of the year, and when it is the best time to visit Santorini, Greece mostly will depend on what you want to do when you see this fantastic place. You can visit Santorini all year round if you would like to without any significant problemseven in the high season during the summer months.

If you prefer to have hot weather for other fun activities like swimming and sunbathing, you can choose between June and early September. These months are a bit more desirable than the other months and would be ideal for getting that tan you have always wanted. It is also called the bikini season in Santorini. Another reason you might want to visit is for the rich nightlife that is present during these months. If you would like to party and let loose and have a fun time, this would be a perfect time. 

The very best time to visit Santorini island, Greece, would be between late April and early November. The weather during this time, Santorini Island, is delightful and is pretty warm. There might be some little rain during these months, which would primarily help cool down the place and not be very disruptive.

best time to visit santorini

Visit Santorini During Spring

The beach season usually starts mid-April, so it’s already time for sunbathing and swimming while the weather is still cool in most European Countries! The main advantages of booking your beach holiday in spring are cheaper fares and fewer crowds of tourists around. The weather is warm and sunny, but not too hot like in summer, so you’ll be able to enjoy some trekking and discover the volcanic landscapes of the island at any time of the day without getting sunburnt! 

Weather: the average temperature in Santorini island is 19°C with sunny days

Events/celebrations: Greek Easter follows the orthodox calendar, and it is the main religious event of the year. The main event on the island is the night mass in Fira when the cathedral is kept dark until midnight when lights are lit to symbolize the Resurrection of Jesus. After the mass, you can watch some fireworks too. Another spring feast takes place on March 25th, which is Greece National Day. If you like local folklore, don’t miss S. Epiphanius’ Day on May 12th, the patronal feast of Akrotiri, including some traditional dances.

Best thing to do in spring: the famous hike from Fira to Oia to admire the caldera and visit these picturesque villages

Where to stay: Oia is the best option to enjoy some trekking and to take some amazing pictures

The best spring month: May, which is the warmest one. In this period, you’ll be able to enjoy the beach and the sea, while having the chance to hike around the island too! 

Visit Santorini During Summer

In summer which is the peak season, you’ll find the largest number of visitors on the Greek islands, and it is the most obvious time of the year to go to Santorini in search of the typical beach holiday and enjoy the famous sunset in imerovigli. These months are crowded, noisy, and also quite expensive, so choose them if you like a vibrant social life, some glamour, and some typical summer fun on the beach!

Weather: the average temperature is 27°C with sunny days

Events/celebrations: July 1st is S. Anargiri’s Day, the patronal feast of Megalohori, celebrated with a procession and some folk music. On August 15th, the island celebrates Virgin Mary’s Dormition with some fireworks and some special masses. Summer is usually rich in musical and cultural events. One of the most popular festivals is the Megaron Gyzi one in Fira, which occurs during the first 3 weeks of August. 

Best thing to do in summer: a jet-ski tour to Volcano for some adrenaline and wild landscapes! 

Where to stay: Perissa is a small and relatively quiet village offering an 8Km long beach and many facilities for water-sport lovers. To also enjoy some local nightlife, rent a scooter or a car and spend some nights in Fira or Kamari, which offer some glamour and entertainment.

The best summer month: if you like large crowds, some nightlife, and everything associated with the typical summer beach holiday, August is perfect for you!

best month to visit santorini

Visit Santorini During Autumn

In Autumn, you’ll surely find fewer tourists and mild weather, so this season could represent a good alternative to visit the island. Choose these months if you are not so interested in sunbathing and swimming, but you prefer to explore the local villages and learn more about Greek culture. 

Weather: the average temperature is 17°C with an alternation of sun and rain

Events/celebrations: on October 20th, the locals celebrate the patronal feast of Agios Artemios, while October 28th is the second Greece National Day. 

The best thing to do in autumn: hiking from Megalochori to Akrotiri to discover the most traditional and authentically local parts of the island! 

Where to stay: Akrotiri is a good base to explore the island because it is close to an interesting archeological park and some scenic trekking trails.

The best autumn month: October offers a mild climate and some local folk events, so it is the best autumn month to plan your trip to Santorini. You can also plan a longer tour in Greece this month and enjoy several stops throughout the country and a weekend in Santorini!

Visit Santorini During Winter

Like other Mediterranean islands, Santorini enjoys mild winters, so you won’t surely freeze during these winter months! If you have already visited the island once, a winter weekend could offer you another interesting insight into the local landscape and lifestyle. The island gets very quiet, and it can offer a charming and lonely atmosphere with gray skies. Still, you should take into consideration the lack of services and the closing period of many facilities.

Weather: the average temperature is 14°C with sunny days. December it the wettest month of the year.

Events/celebrations: the Christmas period is celebrated with lights, decorations, and Christmas trees, like anywhere else, so that the cheerful festive atmosphere is guaranteed. The main winter feast is Epiphany, on January 6th, when a procession takes place to perform the blessing of the waters. On this occasion, a cross is thrown into the sea, and some brave young men take a dip to go and get it!

Best thing to do in winter: sightseeing in Fira to discover all the hidden gems of this beautiful village

The best winter month: November. It is best to choose the beginning of winter for your trip, so that you’ll have more chances to find mild and sunny weather and to enjoy some trekking and open-air activities too!

Where to stay: Fira, which is the liveliest place of the island during these months.

best time to visit santorini for a beach holiday

Best time to visit Santorini for a beach holiday:

The perfect time to swim in Santorini would be in the warm weather between June and September during the high season. The water would be continuously heating itself, and it will be warm enough to swim in. August and September would be the best months as it would have the warmest water to swim in Santorini and hence would be the best time to get a tan in Santorini.

You can also swim during early May and Late October, but the water would not be as pleasant as you would like it to be. This may spoil your experience and would not be the best month to visit Santorini, Greece.

Best time to visit Santorini for sightseeing:

The ideal time for sightseeing is when the streets are warm and not hot. You do not need hot weather for sightseeing, and warm and pleasant weather should do just fine. There are many wineries, views, and streets full of restaurants and food that you could try. The months of March through May and October and November will be the best time to visit Santorini, Greece, if you will be sightseeing and touring the place. You will mostly enjoy prehistoric thira and the old volcanic eruption sightseeing from September till May.

You might also experience some minor spells of rains and a few rain clouds, but this will not dampen your experience and bring some coolness to the weather. The showers are not too intensive and disruptive in these months. You can also book ferries to other islands of Cyclades in the Aegean sea at this time to have a look at them too.

Best time to visit Santorini for saving money:

If you are planning to visit Santorini on a budget, then you are in luck. Hotels in this beautiful place are much cheaper and affordable from November’s off-seasons to March. You may also find more inexpensive accommodations in the shoulder season of April, May, and October. If you are traveling to Santorini on a tiny budget, we would not recommend hotels in the summer months when they are much more expensive. 

The costs of other things like Transportation, food, and tours do not vary much all year round in this place. The best time to visit Santorini, Greece, on a budget with great weather would be early June or late May, even early October. As the weather is something that is constantly changing, there are no sure-fire guarantees. 

best time to visit santorini for sightseeing

When to visit Santorini in winter:

Winter travels in Santorini are becoming very popular as they have a lot of things to offer. If you plan to visit Santorini in the months from December till February, you will find moderate weather. There will be a few spells of rain but not too much. You will also see that the skies are constantly changing from a cloudy sky to a clear sky daily.

You can do a lot of things in this weather in Santorini. Some of the most popular activities include walking around the city, sightseeing, some photography, some exploring, etc. This low season can also be called one of the best times to visit Santorini, Greece, if you want to experience much of the local culture.

If you plan to visit Santorini during these months, it will be best to pack a few dry clothing items like rain jackets and sweaters as it does get a bit chilly sometimes when it rains. There are days when you may also prefer to wear shorts and take advantage of the beautiful pleasant weather. So be sure to pack those too. 

Considering that many people think that winter is the best time to visit Santorini Greece, many hotels are open during the year. Many restaurants remain available in the significant and main towns like Oia and Fira. In sporadic cases, Santorini also experiences some snowing. This happens only about once in a decade in January and February and not always.

The winter is also a low season in the visiting time frame for Santorini, and hence you will be able to find affordable accommodation with ease during this time. Transportation will not be much of a problem as there will be ferries at least once a day on the most important routes and several flights going from and to Athens. 

All in all, Santorini is an excellent all-year-round destination and has different things to offer based on which months you would like to visit the place.