The largest island of the Ionian islands complex and the sixth largest in the whole of Greece welcomes its visitors with the best care. It is situated between Zakynthos and Lefkada islands. Spotless and blue seas, delicious and traditional food and incredible hotels and villas to stay await every lucky person who visits Kefalonia. It is the sixth largest island in Greece and the largest and most mountainous island of the Ionian. The island has an area of ​​approximately 773 sq. km. and about 35,801 inhabitants live there. There is evidence that this beautiful Ionian island has been inhabited since the Paleolithic era.

where to stay in Kefalonia island
Kefalonia map

The more you get to know Kefalonia, the more you understand that its beaches are one of its strengths. The well-known Myrtos, the small but picturesque beach of Assos, the eccentric beach of Emblysia, the special one, Platys, and Makris Gialos, and of course Antisamos which became widely known from the movie “Captain Koreli’s Mandolin”.

To help you enjoy this beautiful island we recommend picking one of the following hotels which are situated around the island in various locations depending on what you like to do most, your budget, and your family status.

F Zeen Luxury Villas Retreat ( Best place to stay in Kefalonia )

best villa to stay in kefalonia in lourdata area
best retreat to stay in kefalonia in lourdata area

This is the best choice you can make if you want to have a luxury stay on Kefalonia Island. The retreat is right next to the beach and features 2 amazing swimming pools that you can enjoy with your family. The astonishing view of the Ionian Sea from the balcony of the rooms is something that you will remember for a long time. All the rooms are fully equipped as you would expect and you can also enjoy some really nice activities that are offered like Yoga classes and massage to compliment your stay.

Costa Azzurra Hotel ( Best place to stay for couples )

best place to stay for couples in Skala at Kefalonia island
best place to stay for couples in Skala at Kefalonia island

The best spot to stay in Kefalonia for couples is just 5 minutes walk from the beach in Skala area. It combines As you would expect this room offers all the usual amenities like flat TV, a hairdryer desk, and a fridge. The view from the terrace is really nice. You can enjoy a really tasty breakfast to start your day with. After that, the area is great for hiking and cycling. The closest beach is just 300 meters away from Costa Azzura hotel.

Le Paradis d’ Elli ( Best hotel to stay for families )

Le Paradis d' Elli ( Best hotel to stay for families in Lakithra, Kefalonia )
Le Paradis d’ Elli ( Best hotel to stay for families in Lakithra, Kefalonia )

If you are visiting Kefalonia island with your family, then is the best villa to stay in Kefalonia. It is located in the Lakithra area just 5 minutes from the airport. Your kids will enjoy the private pool, you will enjoy the fully equipped BBQ, and the whole family will enjoy the great terrace view of the Ionian sea. The villa provides 2 bedrooms and accommodates up to 5 persons with the usual equipment like air-conditioning, tv, coffee machine, etc and 2 shower rooms

Canale Hotel & Suites ( Best hotel to relax in Kefalonia )

Best villa to relax in Argostoli, Kefalonia
Best villa to relax in Argostoli, Kefalonia

If you want to relax and enjoy a luxurious and elegant stay in Kefalonia then look no further than the Canale Hotel & Suites. The rooms are amazing with a view of the sea, a private jacuzzi, seating areas, and air conditioning. You can enjoy a really nice view from the terrace of the hotel and you can swim in the outdoor swimming pool. However, the closest beach is just 5 minutes away where you can enjoy the Ionian sea.

Aenos Hotel ( Best hotel in Argostoli )

best hotel in argostoli, kefalonia
best hotel in argostoli, Kefalonia

Located right at the center of Argostoli , Aenos hotel offers excellent spacious rooms to stay in for your vacations. All the rooms are modern with excellent pillows and mattresses equipped with air conditioning, flat-screen TVs, and a minibar. You can have also a very good breakfast on the terrace along with free Wifi. The hotel offers an airport shuttle if needed. The hotel is particularly favorited by guests traveling as couples.

Meliti Waterfront Suites ( Best hotel in Karavomylos)

best hotel to stay in karavomylos kefalonia
best hotel to stay in karavomylos Kefalonia

Meliti waterfront suites are situated right next to the magnificent beach of the traditional village Karavomylos. You can enjoy its very nice outdoor pool. All the rooms have nice balconies, are very spacious (around 60sq m) with fully equipped kitchens, a dining area, and all the amenities you would expect. You can drive to the magnificent Myrtos Beach which is about a 20 minutes drive.

No matter which hotel or villa you choose to stay in Kefalonia , the island is magnificent and is guaranteed that you will have a great time.