Lefkada is a beautiful Greek island. It’s full of beaches, hiking trails, and the most amazing sunsets you can imagine. Lefkada also offers great camping spots for campers looking to explore this gem in Greece when not wanting to stay in a hotel in Lefkada!
There are many different types of camping available on Lefkada, from beachside campsites to more secluded locations with no electricity or running water. Camping should always be done responsibly and with respect for nature, so here is our guide to finding the best places to camp on Lefkada!

Lefkada Camping in Vassiliki beach

Lefkada Camping in Vassiliki beach
Lefkada Camping

Camping Vassiliki Beach is one of the best camping in Greece. You’ll be able to enjoy a healthy outdoor vacation, as it is located 50 meters from the beach for windsurfing ! The facilities at this comfortable campsite make your stay easy: you have showers, toilets and washing machines on-site so that you’re never without clean clothes or dishes; there’s also a restaurant serving delicious food all day long plus 24-hour reception services.

The Camping Vassiliki Beach provides some great amenities which will allow visitors to relax comfortably during their visit here – including beautiful tree coverings with plenty of shade (so no worries about sunburn!)

Lefkada Camping in Desimi beach

Lefkada Camping in Desimi beach

The camping Desimi Beach is located in a particularly nice position. This can be considered one of the few areas in Greece that offer such a wide variety of benefits for your relaxation. 

Arranged to the right site on the Gulf of Desimi directly by the sea, you literally “drown” among four-century-old olive trees if you have your boat. If so, apart from convenience with free launching service offered at campsites, there are docking posts close-by accessible just meters away from where we moor up our caravan or camper!

The Gulf of Desimi provides a convenient service every morning, right at the campsite—the supply of gasoline. You can always rent one easily from the camp if you don’t have your own boat; there are more than 15 islands between large and small nearby, including Skorpios Island, which is famous for being owned by Aristotle Onassis in his lifetime (and now reportedly purchased by another billionaire). The presence of these other smaller islands also makes this area particularly suited to boats like yours because they all serve as buffers against windy weather and choppy waters that might otherwise make navigation difficult or dangerous during certain times throughout each day.

Lefkada Camping in Poros beach

Lefkada camping in poros beach
Best Camping site for families in Lefkada Island in Greece

The Poros Beach Camping Bungalows is a resort located on the southern part of the island, overlooking white pebbly beaches. Nestled at 30 kilometers away from Lefkada’s town center and 15 kilometers away from Nydri, this resort offers shade-filled olive trees, climbing vines for an afternoon nap under their canopy, or picking berries that grow wild. 

The Poros Beach Camping Bungalows provide you with all your needs, including Wi-Fi access, so you’ll never be out of touch.

Camping Episkopos in Lefkada island Greece

episkopos camping in lefkada

The Camping village episkopos is located on the east side of Lefkada and spans a 7-acre area. The camp offers all sorts of camping accommodations, from tent sites to furnished villas with sea views. Down a valley in an environment filled with greenery, you’ll find Epikopus; only 200 meters away stands the surrounding Mediterranean Sea while Nidri can be reached by 8 kilometers (10 minutes), giving tourists plenty of options for sightseeing adventures!

Camping Kathisma in Lefkada

Kathisma camping site in lefkada

The Camping Kathisma is a campsite with green and trees and one of the best beaches in Lefkada. It’s 12 kilometers away from the capital city. Still, it also features close by amenities such as beautiful Ag Nikitas village with great beach options available at a very near distance for your enjoyment!

Camping Santa Maura Lefkada

camping santa mauvra in lefkada
Best Camping site in Lefkada island Greece

Campsite Santa Mavra is a Greek campsite that’s situated in one of the most beautiful parts of Lefkada. This means you can experience all things Greek, from their delicious food to their laid-back culture and more!

The cozy and warm atmosphere makes this an ideal place for a family vacation. You can enjoy the sun, have delicious food cooked to order by your hosts, take in some traditional culture at no cost, thanks to outdoor music playing every day from noon-4pm!

The sanitary is clean and tidy, with hot water available on demand for dishes or showers; you’ll feel refreshed after washing away any sand that’s stuck between toes. There are bathrooms near all of the sites and plenty of shady spots under trees if desired. The spacious open spaces allow dogs free reign, so they don’t get restless inside while their humans explore more thoroughly 🙂