The island of Lefkada is the perfect destination for a relaxing getaway. Known for its gorgeous beaches and it’s laid-back vibe, this Ionian Island has everything you need to enjoy your time with friends or family while hitting all the best spots on one of Greece’s most beloved islands. From spectacular landscapes waiting to be explored by foot or bicycle around every turn, an array of activities including bike tours, scuba diving trips through shipwrecks from WWII battleships found offshore at Kastri Bay Beach. As well as sunbathing alongside super fun water sports like parasailing and jet skis – there is something in store for everyone. Let explore the Best Tours & Things To Do in Lefkada

Porto Katsiki Beach

Porto Katsiki white sand Beach

Porto Katsiki Beach is one of the most breathtaking and picturesque beaches on Lefkada. It’s a long stretch of white sand with crystal clear turquoise waters that are perfect for swimming in, no matter what your skill level might be! The beach stretches nearly three-quarters up to two miles wide and has plenty of places where you can lay out under the sun or shade yourself from it as well. Three hundred forty-seven steps are leading down to Porto Katsiki, so if you’re feeling more adventurous, there’s also an alternative stairway off the port (left) side which offers another view point- once you get this far, make sure not forget flip flops because some rocks may hurt your feet otherwise!

If there’s a disadvantage to Porto Katskiki, the white sand beach isn’t as accessible and only served by an arduous mountain road. Though, it’s worth every minute of driving time if you’re looking for seclusion.

Full-Day Cruise from Nidri

best things to do in lefkada island
The full day cruise is among the best things to do in Lefkada island

This cruise is the perfect mix of swimming, snorkeling, and exploring. With four stops, including the famous Skorpios island, at stunning beaches on your way to Lefkada, you’ll be able to relax in seclusion or visit a traditional village with an expert guide. Along the journey, there will also be plenty of opportunities for sunbathing and relaxing onboard where you can enjoy a lunch buffet while cruising through calm Ionian waters – all before finally arriving at some of the most natural-looking islands around!

The Dimossari Waterfalls in Nydri

The Dimossari Waterfalls in Nydri lefkada

Dimossari Waterfalls, located near the village of Nidri in Greece, is a little paradise filled with greenery. It’s perfect for refreshing dips on those hot summer days and oozes tranquillity and serenity, which descend into spectacular rocks below. You can easily reach it by following signs from Nidri or through walking down the gorge to find these cascading waters after roughly 30 minutes worth of hiking up towards them – trust us!

Sea Kayak Experience in the Rouda Bay Sea Caves

best tour in lefkada

Enjoy a unique and adventurous sea voyage in double Sea Kayaks. In this small group with an experienced guide, paddle up to the crystal-blue waters of Rouda Bay on the southeastern coast. Enter magical caves and go snorkeling!

Meet your guides at Mikros Gialos beach on Lefkada’s south side for a safety briefing before setting off into blue Ionian seas, where you will be exploring beautiful secluded beaches while paddling through underwater passageways or spectacularly colored coves. With all necessary equipment provided by attentive professionals, enjoy sailing back home towards an enjoyable evening with friends after completing your adventure full of unforgettable moments.

Archaeological Museum of Lefkada

visiti museum of lefkada

The museum presents the history of Lefkada Island from ancient to modern times, with artifacts ranging in age from tens-of-thousands of years ago to late Roman. The first room exhibits include private and public life as seen through Ancient Greek culture; especially notable are fragments of lyres, flutes, and string instruments – including a soundbox that dates back two millennia! Another intriguing artifact is an engraving dating over 2000 years old depicting Europe’s abduction by Zeus disguised as a white bull.

The urns, funerary steles, and sarcophagi in the third room are each different from one another. They represent an evolution of funeral rites through time with offerings for every stage of life on display. The fourth room has many Stone Age tools and Bronze Age jewelry discovered by German archaeologist Wilhelm Dörpfeld who was trying to find Homer’s Ithaca during his excavation missions here.

Lighthouse in Cape Lefkatas

lighthouse of cape lefkatas
Aerial view of the lighthouse of Cape Lefkatas, Lefkada, Ionian Islands region, Greece.

At the southern tip of the island stands a lighthouse, an iconic beacon for sailors seeking safe passage. The Lighthouse at Cape Lefkatas is historical to this area and was once frequented by literary figures like Sappho, who leaped from its heights in antiquity. Visitors today can climb up and enjoy stunning views or have some fun on their hang gliders just a few feet away!

Castle of Agia Maura

The Venetian castle ruins an old fortress that faces the sea and overlooks Lefkada, genuinely giving you insight into what it might have been like for those who lived centuries ago. If you are coming from Amfilochia and look ahead, the Venetian castle will be on your left. This ancient ruin is a relic of an old fortress with high walls and battlements with glorious views over Lefkada in the distance.

Fishing Village of Vassiliki

Best Tours & Things To Do in Lefkada

Vassiliki is a lovely little fishing village south of Lefkada. It’s protected by a natural harbor and full of resorts in Lefkada and restaurants. The beach has umbrellas with sunbeds for you to enjoy excellent sea views as well!