Zakynthos is a Greek Island with many beautiful beaches. The island has some of the best beaches in Greece, from sandy beaches to rocky shores. Zakynthos is located in the Ionian Sea and its long coastline offers many opportunities for beach-goers.

Navagio ( Shipwreck Beach )

Best Beaches in Zakynthos

The Navagio Beach in Zakynthos is a small cave that is only accessible by boat. The white sand beach and crystal clear water provide the perfect setting for photographs, but it’s the shipwreck on the shore that makes this place so iconic.

Kalamaki Beach

Kalamaki beach in Zakynthos

The famed Kalamaki beach in Zante is a must-see for any traveler. It is well known for its white sand, shallow water, and clear blue waters. The beach has been awarded the European Blue Flag award, which means that it meets stringent quality standards and guarantees all visitors’ cleanliness and safety. You will find many great spots to lounge around on the sand or have lunch at one of the beachside restaurants.

Agios Nikolaos Beach

agios nikolaos beach in zakynthos

The most popular beach in Zakynthos is Agios Nikolaos Beach. It’s a huge expanse of white sand, and the water is crystal clear. The best part about this beach is that it has two different entrances: one for adults only and one for families with children. If you’re looking to relax on your own or find some peace after a long day at work, there are plenty of secluded beaches up north that have more privacy than Agios Nikolaos does.

Gerakas Beach

gerakas beach in zakynthos

Gerakas beach is the longest beach of Zakynthos with golden sand, and pristine waters will make you want to stay all day there. You need to bring your supplies since there no beach bars because of the turtle nests and the need to protect the beach from becoming overcrowded.

Porto Limnionas Beach

best wild beaches in zakynthos

If you’re looking for a hidden gem on the island of Zakynthos, look no further than Porto limnionas. It’s an untouched natural spot with crystal clear waters and white sand. You’ll find plenty of gorgeous fish to explore while you swim as well as some ancient ruins if you’re into that sort of thing. There are also two little restaurants at the beach where you can grab a bite to eat or drink before heading back home!

Porto Zoro Beach

best family beaches to visit in Zakynthos

The best beach in Vassilikos, Zakynthos.There is shallow water perfect for swimming. Porto Zoro can get very crowded, especially during the summer, with many sunbeds and a beach bar providing the necessary snacks and drinks.

Banana Beach

Banana beach - best family beach in Zakynthos

You can get to Banana beach in Zakynthos via the free bus service from Argassi. Golden sand all over will make you feel great. You will find loads of comfy sunbeds and parasols. A variety of water sports is also available. You can have a great meal there on the site restaurant.

Tsilivi Beach

tsilivi beach in zakynthos

If you are looking for a perfect sea with shallow warm water, you just found it. Staying in a hotel in Tsilivi is also a bonus. You can use the available sunbeds, but you will also find enough space to lie down your umbrella and towel. There are a lot of beach bars around and also various water sports.

Laganas Beach

best sandy beaches in zakynthos

The Laganas Beach in Zakynthos is one of the most popular beaches on the island. The beach has a nice long stretch, and it’s not too crowded, which makes it an ideal place to relax and enjoy your time on the beach. There are plenty of restaurants nearby where you can grab lunch or dinner after spending some time at this beautiful location.

Porto Roma Brach

porto roma beach in zakynthos

 Zakynthos is a Greek island in the Ionian Sea. The beaches are some of the most beautiful you can find, and Porto Roma Beach is no exception. You will be instantly greeted by an array of crystal blue water and golden sand when you step onto this beach. There’s plenty to do while you’re there: go for a swim or enjoy your time on one of the many lounge chairs that are available.

Porto Vromi Beach

porto vromi beach in zakynthos

 The beach is located on the southern part of Zakynthos and can be accessed via a dirt road at Dafni. The location is great for those who like to spend time in nature, as it features green hills and cliffs with wildflowers. It also has some pebbles at the top of the hill that is great for sunbathing or just relaxing while watching the waves crash against them.

Alykes Beach

best snorkeling beaches in zakynthos

Alykes beach is the perfect beach for families on Zakynthos Island. Possibly the best snorkeling beach in Zakynthos. Children can have a great time by playing in the shallow waters, make sandcastles, or snorkel. You will find excellent beach restaurants, sub beds, and comfortable parasols.